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Young, positive and ready for an adventure

We caught up with Aolemba Pongen, who after the hospitality training, successfully got through the interview and is now working as a Front Office Associate at The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Delhi. We're delighted and encouraged to hear this from him as well as we hope more youths can be inspired to move out of their comfort homes and explore the abundant opportunities that awaits."To start with, YouthNet they are doing a lot of wonderful things for the Society for the youths of Nagaland, they are giving us a platform where we can stand up for ourselves. We should make use of the given platform and make the best use of such wonderful opportunity. We have to come out from our comfort zone and explore our abilities. Though during the initial stage the road will be very tough but we never know what lies ahead of us. For after every Storm there is a Sunshine. keep your dreams alive and work hard towards it and Whatever one is planning to do, do it now, for who knows next time, there will be no next time, it will be very late. I again like to thank you YouthNet team for this challenging yet amazing journey to start of with." We wish the best to Aolemba Pongen for the adventure ahead and an ever positive spirit and energy that will open more road for him as he learn, grow and collect experiences.